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Greetings Everyone! 

This website serves a dual purpose.

First, it provides important information for students enrolled in my academic courses. Second, it acts as a portal for curious individuals wishing to learn more about philosophy, critical thinking, human relations, and spirituality.

For my Students: For those of you who are my students, click on the link that contains the title of your course. When you do that, you’ll see important updates and information, the syllabus, including such things as the required text, evaluation schemes, weekly assignments, and so on. You should feel free to click on the other website links as well, of course.

For Visitors to this Site: To those of you who are not one of my students, but are interested in learning more about philosophy, human relations, critical thinking, or matters spiritual, I extend an invitation to explore the publications listed, as well as all the other links and materials provided on this site. There are videos, quotations, suggested readings, as well as other compelling materials generating thought and reflection.

Just click on the following links in the menu bar at the top of the page: Youtube Philosophy, Youtube Critical Thinking, Philosophical Websites and Readings, Philosophy Links, Philosophical Quotations, Food for Thought, Alternative News, Psychology and Human Relations, and Beyond Reason.

I hope you find the contents contained here interesting, useful, and informative.

Anthony Falikowski, Ph.D.

         “The unexamined life is not worth living.”



      “Put away those cell phones. I’m trying to enlighten you!”

             Professor Luddite



Anthony Falikowski

Vain is the word of the philosopher which does not heal any suffering of man.